About Palette Software

Palette Software was born out of the real world experience of Founder and CEO John Abdo. John oversaw the early adoption of Tableau Server at Apple and loved the product immensely. He quickly saw the immense benefits that Tableau could offer, but he also quickly realized that they could operationalize and streamline some of the backend processes. This was the most effective way to scale a great Tableau Server experience in the enterprise. John searched the market for a solution and found no product that would address his needs.

Thus, the idea for Palette Insight was born, a product that could easily bolt onto Tableau Server and provide effective, enterprise-grade solution for Fortune 500 companies to maximize the incredible benefits of Tableau Server. Palette Insight is the only solution that can provide shared service capabilities and true workbook-level CPU utilization not available from any other product. Additional features include SOX/HIPAA compliance and CPU resource planning. The mission of Palette Software is to make it easier for companies to do more with Tableau Server.