Palette Center

Always Be The First To Know When System Health Issues Arise

Our foundation product, Palette Center is an enterprise focused plug and play add-on for Tableau Server.  We provide real time monitoring and automation to ensure you're able to do more without adding admin headcount. Never worry about when an extract fails, a database connection drops or a tableau server worker goes down. With Palette Center, you will be instantly notified when there is a problem and be able to respond with “I’m fixing it” before your business users even know there is an issue.


+ Dramatically lowers Tableau Server total cost of ownership.

+ Single full time administrator can now sustainably support thousands of business users.

+ Always be the first to know when there is a problem.

+ Visualizes all key system health diagnostics on a single screen.

+ Empowers Publishers to fix self-inflicted workbook or extract issues in real time.

+ Securely puts scheduled backup wherever you choose.


+ Windows Process Alerts

+ Rich Extract Failure Alerts

+ Database Connection Alerts

+ High CPU Alerts

+ Low Disk Alerts

+ Scheduled Backup