Palette Rescue brings enterprise class disaster recovery capabilities to IT departments that run Tableau Server.

Palette Rescue ensures that your users will have a quickest possible recovery if your Tableau Server should ever go down. In real time, it streams all filestore and database updates as they happen from your Active Tableau Server to your standby Tableau Server. So if your Active Tableau Server should ever become unexpectedly unavailable, you know you will have an exact replica current to the minute. No more data loss after a switchover, which eliminates risk and user frustration. It’s totally automated. No stress, no worry, no inconvenience. With recovery time so rapid, your users rarely even know there was an issue.

Large organizations must have no downtime and no data losses ever. Palette Rescue is the fastest and fully automated Tableau Server disaster recovery and cluster migration solution that meets this need. Backup + DR automatically makes backups of your active cluster and migrates them to a second standby cluster for a restore, on your schedule and to your level of frequency. Then, if there's a problem or issue, your team can switch to that second Tableau Server cluster with just one command. Your analysts and business users will never know they're accessing Tableau from a different set of servers.