Introducing Palette Chargeback 5.0! Enabling more predictable, stable and sustainable Tableau Server adoption

Webinar – Dec. 07, 2016


John Abdo' Founder + CEO, Palette Software

We are thrilled to introduce Palette Chargeback 5.0, the only true CPU-based chargeback reporting solution for Tableau Server, and now with Extractor CPU as well as Storage Reporting.

Watch This Webinar And Learn:

+ Bring IT and Business together with a transparent Tableau usage model

+ Enable usage visibility by business unit

+ Empower IT to procure Tableau upgrades methodically

Palette Shared Services: Chargeback Reporting and User Level Worker Allocation for Tableau Server in the Enterprise

Webinar – Oct. 11, 2016


John Abdo, Founder + CEO, Palette Software

In enterprise shared services environments, knowing your users’ true CPU cost and directing users in a site to specific workers is essential. John will show you how Palette Director and Palette Chargeback Reporting make that a reality for your Tableau Server.

Watch this webinar and learn:

+ Accurately calculate your CPU cost down to a user or workbook.

+ Dedicate specific workers for specific users and/or interaction/extraction or desktop users.

+ Find the most CPU intensive users.

+ Identify workbooks that have extreme CPU costs.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ Will Palette Director plug-in work with Tableau Server running on VMWare?

Absolutely. It works great with VMWARE and AWS. With VMWare, you will be able to finely tune your CPU core count and memory for each worker to deliver the right amount of performance to each group of users for each service type, be it for Interacting, Web Authoring, Extracting, or Desktop Connecting.

+ How does Palette Director impact Tableau High Availability?

It works great with Tableau High Availability and does not affect High Availability function or performance. We will be sure to include High Availability in our configuration for the next webinar.

+ What Happens When You Lose A Worker That A Particular Department Is Dedicated To?

You can designate one or more workers to failover just like you would with any Apache load balancer. You never have to worry about not having a backup worker to failover.

+ What is the impact of Palette Director on the performance of the Tableau Server?

You won’t experience any difference in Tableau Server performance but with all the benefits of true hardware resource governance.

+ How Do You Protect Against Runaway CPU Issues? We've Seen The CPU Go Crazy (Rarely) But If That Happened Would It Skew The Charge For A Particular User / Team?

We capture all the data, but you can exclude certain sessions to your Tableau report, as you can with any data in any Tableau report, if you think that is necessary. It is all under your control what you want to report.

+ How Does palette director Affect The Support Agreement With Tableau? If I Get A Server Issue With A Palette-Enabled Setup Are Tableau Support Gonna Help Or Push Back?

It does not affect your Tableau Support agreement. Given that that our Tableau Director plug-in is completely self-contained and does not modify any Tableau code. You can easily turn it off without restarting Tableau Server, and as such you can easily test to see whether or not Tableau continues to perform in any unexpected ways with our plug-in disabled.


+ Are the Chargeback reports limited to just one site, or can multiple sites be aggregated?

You can organize the reports any way you like, either by one or more sites, projects, workbooks, or users. We were showing you just the way that customer uses Palette Chargeback reporting. It is extremely flexible and ready to be presented or modified easily using Tableau.

+ What is the cost of running Palette Software?

We love that question. Please contact us to find out.

+ What Impact Does The CPU Tracking Have On The Actual Performance Of The Server Itself?

We see 1% or less CPU utilization on each worker.

International Server Admin Tableau User Group (ISATUG)

Server Configuration Changes without Downtime and Binding Specific Users/Workbooks to Specific Workers


Tamas Foldi, Tableau Zen Master


If you know what each Tableau Server component does, you can unlock tremendous possibilities. Taking control of Tableau Server's Gateway traffic management rules you can apply configuration changes without a "hard restart" or downtime, and more importantly, without impacting users. Code for the this "soft restart" will be shared on the ISATUG Github. This is just the beginning. In this session, he will also show some of the more sophisticated configuration tweaks he has deployed at Fortune 500s allowing you to dedicate a specific worker(s) to specific workbooks or users.